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Benefit from Industrial yeast production and performance.

Procelys’ production of yeast nutrients is buttressed by its role as a business unit of Lesaffre – a key global player in the production of yeast.

Each day, more than one billion people consume products made with ingredients produced by Lesaffre. They are produced using a global quality assurance policy and 76 industrial facilities with a global output of thousands of tons of yeast a day.

Lesaffre founded Procelys to meet the global demand for nutrients for yeast fermentations for biotech industries.


Procelys has a worldwide network of state-of-the-art laboratories that help to ensure that our biotech applications will meet your needs.

You benefit from the spirit of innovation that has been in place since the founding of Lesaffre in 1853.

as a customer of Procelys by lesaffre

You gain access to a range of subcontracted services that Lesaffre provides in case your industrial fermentation needs exceed your capacity.

The global reach of Procelys and Lesaffre ensures that you will have ready access to their expertise.

We are

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living partnership

Revealing the expertise and partnership of the Procelys individuals.

We are global & local

We actively co-create new solutions in partnership with customers,
research centers, universities, and Lesaffre 55 in-house control labs.