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Application Laboratories Network

Our experts and partners help you customize your fermentations

• We help you by collaborating with our Departments of Technical Service, Innovation, and Marketing to provide you with cutting-edge expertise to perfect your use of our products.

• You benefit from our state-of-the-art troubleshooting.

• We stay in direct contact with our research centers and customer technical teams to provide optimal customer service.

• We also help you by drawing on the expertise of the Lesaffre teams of experts in fermentation.

• We help you cultivate a deep understanding and live monitoring of the needs of your microorganisms by maximizing performance, such as by helping you to optimize your culture media.

We offer

• Access to our world-class knowledge of optimizing fermentations with these nutrients

• The expertise of our global network of fermentation specialists 

• Decades of collaborative expertise in biotechnology

• Development in collaboration with our customers and top academic institutions

• Right solution at the right time

• State-of-the-art laboratories

The result of our efforts is your access to a worldwide network of laboratories to help you optimize your use of nutrients purchased from Procelys.

Our mission is to support and co-develop your fermentation processes throughout the world, by applying our knowledge of product performance, process optimization, and microorganisms. 

Our goals

Procelys teams help customers throughout the world by bringing state-of-the-art equipment to life all while revealing the value of microorganisms.