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Our role

We believe that being a biotech partner is a way to serve our customers, address the entire value chain, and bring value to multiple steps of the process. Our mission is to look ahead supporting our customers to prepare the “future”.

We deliver outstanding results for you.

Our consistent performance is a hallmark of this process that provides you with dedicated product ranges and services for 3 key sectors in Biotechnology:

• Biopharma industries 

• Food and feed industries

• Renewable industries

our input:

Decades of expertise development with our customers and top academic institutions

Right solution at the right time

State-of-the-art laboratories (application centers and R&D)

• Strong international industrial network

How do we implement innovation?

• By proposing new solutions followed by beta testings and prototypes

Co-creating new solutions/processes together with our customers

• Working with agility and an innovative approach

open innovation program

A partnership is the key to going further together.

We work together to improve the performance of biotech processes and guarantee solutions that are up to date in terms of regulatory, legal aspects and market needs