The composition and activity of the microbiome are frequently related to human health, our immune response, and disease prevention.

By targeting the microbiome for the correction of an unbalanced gut, innovative solutions have the potential to provide a wide range of positive health effects.

If you are looking to enter the microbiome biotherapeutics market, you will quickly realize that the anaerobic nature of the gut environment has made its inhabitants difficult to study, and even more difficult for producing reliable clinical-backed solutions to be used for real-world health applications.

Despite showing significant potential we know that there are still several challenges remaining for microbiome biotherapeutic products.

That is why we are here to help!



Anaerobic bacteria nutrition

  • Amino Acids
  • Small Peptides
  • B Vitamins
  • Nucleotides


  • Increased Biomass
  • Improved Growth Rate
  • Dual Sourcing of Industrial Quantities

Product stability promotion

  • Viability after Preservation
  • Conservation of Desired Phenotype
  • Low Product Variability for Consistent Media Formulation

regulatory compliance

  • Required Documentation
  • Quality Systems for Support
  • Food Microbiology Compliant
  • Animal Free Origins
Advanced scalable culture methods, therefore, are essential not only for the identification of candidate microbes but ensuring their scalability and stability. Ultimately, anaerobic live biotherapeutic organisms for the gut microbiome can’t be produced without innovative culture solutions and we can support you to realize those needs.

How Can We Help You Make
Your Microbiome Biotherapeutics
a Success?

“At Procelys by Lesaffre, we can help you solve all of these challenges through our years of practical experience, advanced technical facilities, and innovative product offerings!

We offer both a partnership for knowledge and technology sharing as well as premium products to support your cultivation needs.”

Shawn NELSON Ph. D. – Global Market Segment Manager Biopharma & Microbiome


for your application

ProCel® Biome Standard: secure the basic needs of your anaerobic strain

ProCel® Biome Growth: unlock the growth potential of your anaerobic strain

ProCel® Biome Enhance: boost your anaerobic production

ProCel®  Biome Essential: free your media from oxygen

Our ProCel® Biome products are the latest in yeast-based nutrient (YBN) solutions for the production of pharma-compliant biotherapeutics. Our products offer considerable benefits and features including:


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Consistently high performance and productivity

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Increased anaerobic bacterial biomass and growth rate

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Preserved viability after preservation; spray drying, freeze-drying, sporulation
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Conservation of desired product phenotype

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Consistent fermentation media


• Low variability

• Pharma-compliant

• Dual sourcing

• Non-animal origins

Yeast-based Nutrients are an animal-free source of essential compounds for microbial growth and activity, including amino acids, nucleotides, B vitamins, and minerals.

All our YBNs are different depending on upstream and downstream processes.

The potential of yeast-based nutrients for producing biotherapeutics to support the microbiome

We can help you grow anaerobes and living biotherapeutics to support the microbiome

Through the use of our ProCel® Biome, we can support our partners in cultivating microorganisms, such as Faecalibacterium prausnitzii (F. prausnitzii) one of the most promising next-generation probiotics and postbiotics. F. prausnitzii is one of the most abundant bacteria in the human microbiota and therefore key to preventing dysbiosis.

F. prausnitzii, as a postbiotic, produces the short-chain fatty acid butyrate, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and plays a critical role in preserving the epithelial barrier which is vital for the prevention and therapy of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs) such as colitis. Butyrate also provides energy to the host’s colon cells and regulates the immune system. It is also believed to be involved in the regulation of cell proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis which may minimize the progression of cancer colon.

Our animal-free, allergen-free YBNs are designed for application for the microbiome and are suitable for growing F. prausnitzii in accordance with the regulatory environment for live biotherapeutic products.

“We believe that careful selection of the most suitable YBNs is critical for the successful cultivation and stabilization of the microbes you need for the development of your next-generation live biotherapeutic products.”
Vincent SENGULEN – Innovation Scientist

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At Procelys by Lesaffre, we address biotech challenges in biopharma, food & feed, and renewable industries via fermentation by feeding living microorganisms.

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