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[E-book] Growing Microorganisms with Yeast-Based Nutrients to Support Healthy Microbiome

Companies looking to enter the microbiome biotherapeutics market will quickly realize the vast potential for new products. However, the anaerobic nature of the gut environment has made its inhabitants challenging to study and even tougher to produce reliable pharma-compliant solutions. Despite showing significant potential, several challenges remain for microbiome biotherapeutic products, which we believe can be overcome, in part, by using yeast-based nutrients to cultivate living biotherapeutics.

Learn how the gut microbiome supports human health

Recent years have seen a surge of interest in microbiome biotherapeutic products due to the crucial role the gut microbiome plays in human health. In this e-book, you will learn more about the gut microbiome and its intrinsic role in supporting human health:

  • How each human microbiome is distinct and diverse
  • Where gut microbes come from
  • What dysbiosis is and how it can lead to a disease state
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Understand the challenges to produce living biotherapeutics

Manufacturing effective biotherapeutics can be demanding. This e-book provides information about the difficulties associated with developing living biotherapeutic products including:

  • O2-free environment
  • Scalability
  • Product instability
  • Biopharma regulatory compliance

Discover the benefits of using yeast-based nutrients to cultivate microorganisms to support the microbiome

Yeast-based nutrients are an animal-free source of essential compounds for microbial growth and activity. In this e-book, you will discover their benefits and how they can support:

  • Anaerobic bacteria nutrition optimization
  • Increased biomass
  • Improved growth rate
  • Product stability


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